Hotels In Morib And Gold Coast Selangor

Gold Coast Morib International Resort

Gold Coast Morib International Resort

Morib is one of the fastest fastest beach to get to for those staying in KL or PJ. Its access is faster now with the SKVE and easier connection to Banting town. Morib and its public beach is a popular weekend day trip and weekend destination. After the rebranding of the stretch from Morib to Bagan Lalang as the Gold Coast, a number of new hotels have sprung up. There is the fabulous and luxurious Awani Sepang Gold Coast Resort in Bagan Lalang to the brutalist Morib Golf Club Hotel I stayed many years ago and was surprised to see it still around after so many years.

Gold Coast Morib International Resort.
Hotel Impian Morib,
Hotel Intan Morib,
Seri Bayu Resort Bagan Lalang,
Hotel Seri Malaysia Bagan Lalang,
Hotel Intan Jugra Banting,
Bata Merah Boutique Hotel,
Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort Carey Island,


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