Puduraya – Pudu Sentral

Where is Pudu Sentral or the former Puduraya Bus Terminal? Map and directions to the location with picture. Di mana Hentian Bas Puduraya atau Pudu Sentral? Peta dan panduan ke lokasi dengan gambar…

Address: Jalan Pudu, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Alamat Poskod:
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2078 6018
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.739 E101 42.054

Hentian Puduraya - Pudu Sentral

Hentian Puduraya – Pudu Sentral

Puduraya (Pudu Sentral) Bus Terminal - Waiting Area & Entrances To Platforms

Puduraya (Pudu Sentral) Bus Terminal – Waiting Area & Entrances To Platforms

Pudu Sentral - Info Screen At Waiting Area

Pudu Sentral – Info Screen At Waiting Area

Info: Aging Puduraya was closed for upgrading work beginning March 2010. After several postponements, the bus terminal finally re-opened on 16th April 2011. It received a well-deserved major makeover, after having been in existence for 34 years. An expanded waiting area (across three floors) with 1,200 seats and plush carpeting was put in place, among other things.

Passengers go down to the boarding platforms via 22 new gates (tunneled stair-well) on the ground floor. The waiting area, ticketing counters, retail outlets and food court are now fully air-conditioned (and fume-free). There are adequate electronic departure/arrival status screens to keep passengers posted on schedule and timings.

Currently, there is no clear labeling at the ticketing counters nor is there any (easily) available information on the bus companies and their destinations. With so many ticket counters, it can be very confusing for the first-timer. Most of the shops and the food court are not operational at the time of writing. Several drink and snack kiosks are already up and running, though.

There are two information counters and a Pondok Polis on the ground floor. The Genting Highlands taxi stand is still there on the first level of the car park. Resort World’s coach to Genting Highlands and Star Shuttle bus to LCCT airport operate from Puduraya as well. Parking rate for the multi-level car park is RM 3 for the first hour and RM 2 for every subsequent hour. Grace period is 15 minutes.

Puduraya Hotel above the terminal is also being refurbished and will be renamed Ancasa Express Hotel. With Puduraya’s re-opening, the Bukit Jalil Temporary Bus Terminal is now closed. Puduraya will handle northbound inter-city and express buses. Many of the buses here will also use Hentian Duta as a secondary station where passengers can also board and disembark. The hastily built (temporary) Terminal Bas Jalan Hang Tuah in front of IPK KL will become a bus holding area.

On 27th August 2011, Puduraya was renamed Pudu Sentral.

LRT Connectivity:
The nearest LRT Station is the Plaza Rakyat LRT Station located at the back of Puduraya, connected by a covered walkway. It is served by the Ampang Line (Star LRT) and it travels to Hentian Putra and the Pekeliling Bus Terminal. On the other direction, the Sentul/Ampang Line also takes you to the South Integrated Bus Terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan.

To take the Kelana Jaya Line (Putra LRT) to KLCC, Gombak, Wangsa Maju, KL Sentral or Petaling Jaya, walk to the Pasar Seni LRT Station in front of Central Market. Opposite it is the Klang Bus Station (‘Toshiba Station’) @ Bangunan Pasarama Kota for buses to Klang/Port Klang.

You can also walk through Chinatown to the Maharajalela LRT Station for the KL Monorail Line to Jalan Sultan Ismail, Titiwangsa or Brickfields. This station is near Stadium Merdeka.

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On This Map/Nearby: (Scroll or zoom in or out map a bit):
Ancasa Hotel, Swiss Garden Residence, Tung Shin Hospital, Menara Maybank HQ, Jalan Sultan, Petaling Street (Chinatown), Jalan Tun Perak. Swiss Garden Hotel

Nearby Hotels: Ancasa Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Citin Seacare Pudu,
Nearest Police Station:
Balai Polis Tun H.S. Lee
Nearest Train Station: Plaza Rakyat LRT Station
Public Transport / Bus Number:

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10 Responses to Puduraya – Pudu Sentral

  1. liau vivian says:

    puduraya ada jpn untuk buat passport?

  2. yuva says:

    i memang kecewa dgn servis bas di puduraya (pudu-ipoh). sebenarnya i ambl bas pukul 10.30am hari ni, sb i ada kelas pukul 2.30pm. i harap i blh attent d class hri ni. bas tersebut bertolak sekarang shja iaitu pkl 12tgh hri.. adakah ini patut berlaku? oleh sebab ini, i x dapat hadir kelas hri ni,, klu bas rosak ke atau apa2 masalah i blh bertolak ansur tapi hal ini berlaku sb hanya nak cari orang dan duit komisen. driver n penjual tiket di puduraya memang selfish… hnya mementingkan diri sendiri je… pudu sentral adalah bas station yang sangat memerlukan oleh rakyat malaysia! n smua orang ada kecemasan masing2.. so, tolong memahami keadaan orang lain dan pastikan bas bertolak pada masa yang tertentu… klu ada apa2 salah kata i minta maaf..

  3. lynnda says:

    puduraya have a small mosque for travellers muslims want to pray…? in a area pudu sentral or outside from that places..?


    kindly let me know is there any shop for rent. currently im running computer shop in micro concept. please help us i really need a shop in pudu central. thank you.

  5. tim says:

    berapa rate parking per day? saya nak tinggal kereta di sini untuk 3 hari. any advise?

  6. TV Smith says:

    It won’t be closed but it will be very busy being near to Raya.

  7. Rachel Lee says:

    so puduraya is already re-open right? I’m scared if is closed now …i need to go penang this saturday by bus..

  8. mazlan says:

    dari st.puduraya ke stadium b.jalil apa pengangkutan awam yg mudah dan murah..
    sekitar st.puduraya ada tpt penginapan murah tak..

  9. Rebecca Loh says:

    is there any buses to southern (Muar, Batu pahat & etc……….)?

  10. ANITA ZAKI says:


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