Samsung Customer Service Plaza Petaling Jaya

Updated on: June 20, 2012

Where is Samsung Customer Service Plaza in PJ? Map and directions to the location with picture. Di mana Plaza Servis Samsung di Petaling Jaya? Peta dan panduan ke lokasi dengan gambar…

Address: Lot 11, Jalan 51A/219, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Alamat Poskod:
46100 Petaling Jaya
1800 88 9999
GPS Coordinates: N3 05.551 E101 37.915

Samsung Customer Service Plaza

Samsung Customer Service Plaza, Petaling Jaya

Info: Samsung’s main service centre in PJ provides service, repairs and parts for the brand’s growing range of consumer electronics products. The facility handles audio-video equipment, home appliances, PCs & printers and mobile phones. The building may be visible from the Federal Highway (since the road runs parallel) but getting there is slightly tricky for first-time visitors.

From KL, go through the back via the ’222′ junction. Immediately after exiting from the Federal Highway, turn left into Jalan 51A/225, at the BHPetrol station. Loop around it till you almost re-join the Federal Highway at a traffic lights junction next to the Mercedes-Benz showroom. Turn left into the parallel slip road that is Jalan 51A/219. If you are  traveling from the ‘Motorola Bridge’ towards KL, you can enter Jalan 51A/219 via this junction directly.

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MyCen Map / Peta:

Landmarks: Samsung Customer Service Plaza (X), Mitsubishi Electric @ Axis Vista (1), Chevrolet – Cergazam (2), Bermaz Motor – Mazda Malaysia (3), Competitive Supreme – Ssangyong Malaysia (4), Cartrade Premium (6), Wisma O’Connors & CIMB Bank (7), BHPetrol Station (8), Safeguards with Philips Service Center (9), Samba De Futsal (10), Axis Technology Centre (11), Cherry Alado Automobile – Cherry Showroom, Service & Parts (12) , Balai Raya Jalan 51A/230 (13), Cycle & Carriage Bintang – Mercedes-Benz (14), Malaya Acid Works (15), Hong Leong Bank @ Tower A – PJ City Development (16), Hong Leong Assurance @ Tower B – PJ City Development (17), Avon (18), Toyota Service Centre (19), The Sun Daily – Sun Media Corporation (20), The Highway Centre – Pusat Lebuhraya (21), Sime Darby Auto Connexion PJ Branch – Ford (22)

Nearby Hotels: PJ Hilton, Armada Hotel
Nearest Police Station: Balai Polis Sea Park
Nearest Train Station: Asia Jaya LRT Station
Public Transport /
Bus Number:

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96 Responses to Samsung Customer Service Plaza Petaling Jaya

  1. Harwin Singh says:

    my speakers on samsung s2 is not working. Does my warranty covers this and how long will it take to repair my phone?

  2. Teo Choon Peng says:

    I would like to fax or email my proof of purchase for Samsung mobile phone for the purpose of warranty activation; kindly advise accordingly.

  3. khairul says:

    Laptop saya bermasalah..

  4. paru says:

    I bought camera NX1000. I lose my lens cover. from where should i to get.

  5. thamotharan says:

    My Samsung galaxy note screen is crack due to fall on the floor,may I know how much for fixing it?

  6. StevePhang says:

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 2, can’t charge, after I check, the adapter is spoil already and now I use others adapter to charge my phone also cannot.. is this in warranty and if I send to PJ service centre, it will take how long to repair it?

  7. Vanida B Muniandy says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t do tethering after the new updates. ..pls adv

  8. Ck wong says:

    Why Samsung customer service no answer my calling everyday

  9. zila says:

    just bought galaxy note 2 on 5/11 via Maxis, wifi cant used, n not sure what else cant use after this, should read all these comments before decide to buy Samsung… very disappointed with Maxis (cant even tell me whats wrong with the phone) samsung (inexperience customer service/techincal ppl at 1U service center)… today am going to PJ service center… let see what type excuses thr will give me….

  10. Trudy says:

    How to unlock US tmobile Samsung Galaxy S relay 4g phone? model no is T699.

  11. Emily says:

    Just bought my phone (Samsung Note 1) not even 1 month. My phone will suddenly shut down by itself. I tried pressing the power and home button but to no avail. It will only turn on back when i take out the battery and put it back again. Why is this so?

  12. spiderbing says:

    i just bought a galaxy note2, within 2 weeks time, i found that my S pen is defective on the right hand side of my note 2 phone. I have sent to one utama samsung service center, and they told me that have been upgrade the software for me. Unfortunately the Problem is solved temporarily. The problem is still existing. I would like to ask how long can it take for solve this problem, and if i send to PJ for repair, can you send to one utama service center once it done?

  13. Tang Luen chong says:

    I just bough a note 2,At my right hand side of the Screen is unable to detect when I Using My S pen. I have Sent to One Utama Samsung service center to repair,but they told me that just help me to upgrade software and the problem is Fixed,Actually it is not.I want to ask it take how long to fix if i go to PJ center?

  14. Ms.chin says:

    Hello… Urs costumer service nobody working ??? I called any any time, ask me hold the phone for long long time still nobody answer the phone. Urs company service very bad!!!!!

  15. Abdul Jamal B. Abu Bakar says:

    any solution ?? I just bought Note 10.1 use for one week now cannot charge and switch on. can i reset it and how ??

  16. simon says:

    my sumsung galaxy SIII screen started to have lines like an old PC screen, where and when can I have it replaced. I bought the phone through MAXIS for less than a year.

  17. zabran says:

    i bought a samsung 51inch 3d plasma tv series 4+ model no: PS5/E490B/RXXM from Harvey Norman store at sunway pyramid. I brought the tv to bangladesh my home country and after using one month the motherboard of the tv became useless. Since i brought the tv in bangladesh i kno that i will not get any warranty but i want to buy the spare parts online or from kl if possible. i need to buy the parts asap so can anyone please rply me asap.

  18. Noor Azman Mohd Noor says:

    My Samsung SII cannot detect SIM card. Where’s the nearest Service Centre?
    My office at USJ12

  19. fanny lui says:

    i wan to change samsung galaxy s2 screen and cover,can i know how much? 1 day can take back the phone ? thx

  20. N says:

    Im using galaxy note & the pen is problem allready & still under warranty,can i get the new one wothout pay anything?

  21. Shu Siew Siew says:

    My galaxy tab, suddenly show internal device storage is getting
    low, ask me to delete some of the item, but actually it doesn’t allow
    Allow me to delete anything, infact my tab not installe many thing. .
    What should i do? If send to service centre one day can settle?

  22. Roslan says:

    Saya beli ipad 2. Saya dah buat daftar akaun tapi masih tak boleh masuk untuk play shop.dimana pusat servis diseremban.

  23. nichole says:

    my s3 screen already broken,how much is that..and i can send back to repair??

  24. Nora says:

    Kamera Digital Samsung PL120
    LCD screen pecah. Tak dapat nak tengok gambar. Berapa harga untuk tukar LCD? Ada service untuk tukar barang ini.

  25. amy says:

    i have a glaxy s3 and the srceen is crack.may i know how much cost to repair or change the screen??? plzzzz help me

  26. amirah says:

    my galaxy y screen crack badly…can it still be repaired?how much it will cost?and where to repair?

  27. sazali bin ismail says:

    bateri hand fon saya Samsung W dah jadi membengkak.boleh kah saya mendapat guarantee?saya membeli pada bulan Disember tahun 2011..

  28. Fong Tien Soong says:

    Anyone know the email address for samsung customer service in malaysia.

  29. Ted Yoo says:

    I purchased SamSung TV less than one year ago from KLCC shop.
    With unknown reason, the TV screen turnes black without picture only sound very often.
    I am trying to turn on and off 5 – 10 times untill the pictures are shown.
    May I know why ? and how can I solve this problem.
    If I need to bring your service center, how long will it take to fix it ?
    My TV model code is LA40C530FIRXXM.

  30. caryn choo says:

    my galaxy tab 10.1 when switch on the power button, the screen only shows the samsung wording and cannot go to the main page. Can’t turn off the tab as well, need to wait till the battery goes flat. What is the problem with my tab?

  31. Vivien Ong says:

    My S3 screen is crack , may I know have the screen in ready stock ? Pls reply asap..thanks..

  32. Alyse says:

    Im just bought samsung S3, the screen has been crack, how much the charges and how long get to wait? can i direct come to ur main center?

  33. ASH says:

    Just bought my Samsung S3 phone on 29th August 2012. Added my contacts but when tried to edit the names, some can… some must restart phone then can…. some completely cannot & have to delete then add again. Samsung Dealer in Gardens Midvalley said “software problems”. I want to exchange for a new one instead of “repairing”. Less than ( 2 ) days since purchased. If cannot exchange, I want my money back.

  34. Casey Leaw says:

    Refrigerator model RT40MAMS(SN) freezer fan not working.Need new fan urgently for replacement.Pls provide part cost.

  35. gan says:

    Samsung s 2 screen placement how much and how long it take? thank you.

  36. kwee choo says:

    My sumsung galaxy S2 screen accidentally crack, can i know how much is the cost and how long it takes for the repairing? Can it be done in your center? any service center near kepong.

  37. azman says:

    dekat mana boleh saya hubungi servis centre samsung terdekat ?? TV saya rosak..

  38. Hana says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S Plus led screen cracked. How much would a replacement cost? Still under Samsung warranty.

  39. Lee Lai Kuan says:

    My Samsung Galaxy W battery is spoilt. How can I purchase new one. Isit a must for me to travel there and how’s the price like. Tq

  40. Alireza says:

    I have LED TV model UA40D5030 . I bought it one year ago. around 3 months it sometimes doesn’t turn on and I wait and connect it to electricity and turn it on . but from yesterday it doesn’t turn on any more. I think It should be because of Power board failure.
    Can I take my LED directly to Samsung Customer Service Plaza in Petaling Jaya?
    Is there any warranty for my Tv?

  41. BB LEE says:

    I need to purchase the cleaner bags for model Samsung VC-6015, Do you have stocks available and pricing ? Thank you.

  42. lim says:

    My sumsung galaxy S2 screen is crack,can i know how much is the cost and how long it takes for the repairing? Can it be done in your center? Thanks.

  43. ahmad rizal says:

    papan litar pc monitor samsung model 2253lw terbakar dimana saya boleh membeli utk mengantikan papan litar yg baru dikelang

  44. Anas says:

    Hai, i just wanna ask if i wanna change my galaxy s plus processor with galaxy s advance is it can be done in samsung service centre and how much is the cost do i have to pay? tq

  45. Alvin says:

    My sumsung tap 10.1 cannot charge. Just use for few months. And to fully change take a very long time. Why? Brand start with ‘a’ can fully change just within a very short time. You service center open from what time to what time. And how much time needed to repair

  46. Michelle lee says:

    when i buy samsung galaxy note i can’t use the motion..
    then after one month i charge my phone for 9hours but only i send to warranty,now my motion can use but i charge for 10hours only have 60%
    what’s the problem?its new battery.

  47. mohd juraizie says:

    my galaxy note internal speaker suddenly no sound,

  48. Dann says:

    tv 43″ plasma screen crack brpe rm kos utk tukar screen?.. boleh bg no phone service centre di KELANTAN.

  49. Sal says:

    Do you sell remote control for DVD-P191K?

  50. hamdan says:

    Saya baru menggunakan samsung Y GT-S5360 20 mei 2012 untuk makluman pihak tuan setiap hari bateri saya sering akan berkurangan sedangkan penggunaan saya sangatlah terhad sehari 3-4 panggilan/ 3-5 sms tapi bateri akan berkurangan hampir setengah saya telah pun memaklumkan di permis yang saya beli dan penukaran bateri telah pun dilakukan akan tetapi perkara yang sama berlaku tolong maklum segera apa harus saya lakukan

  51. Ben says:

    我的Samsung GT-C3332 Duos刚买了一个月多荧幕就按不到东西了,请问拿回去维修要几久?有Warranty吗?

  52. yeoh says:

    sy guna samsung w (i8150)saya ada masalah dgn messaging.bila saya guna messaging attach contact kpd kwasn sy ,takpi tak dapat send keluar.

  53. superb says:

    my samsung galaxy sll was at emergency call only all the time … what the problem about .. and any service center near around Klang… Thanks

  54. tommy woo says:

    i have a galaxy tab 10.1 and 7.0 plus now i want s3 when i cant get it ?

  55. poh lun pang says:

    请问samsung galaxy s2 的 壳如果要换大概要多少钱?是白色的,screen 不用换, 一天可以换好吗?谢谢。

  56. azmaizam mohd zain says:

    having problem with samsung GT-I9003. The speaker does not work. cannot hear people calling me on the speaker. no ringing tone. ear phone is good…where is the nearest samsung agent in hulu selangor.

  57. Sunny Lee says:

    Can i send my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT19100 to PJ Sevice Centre to update ICS 4.0?

  58. Abrar says:

    Saya ada masalah dgn samsung galaxy s2 yang saya pakai . Boleh bg tau saya kat mane service canter yg berdekatan dgn ampang.

  59. Manoharan says:

    I bought samsung galaxy ace , just 2 months back. I am facing problem on speaker. No sound coming , only vibrating. Any suggestions???

  60. Darren says:

    How much to change omnia2 lcd?

  61. siti asmah shuriff says:

    bg saya alamat servis centre yang berdekatan dengan sungai besi..

  62. siti asmah shuriff says:

    samsung Galaxy SII saya problem pasal pasword …..saya tak ingat email…..baloh bg sy alamat service center yg berdekatan ngan sungai besi…..

  63. Raymond says:

    I would like to repair my plasma TV screen that just bought for a few month,because the screen is crack,can i know how much is the cost?My plasma TV model is PS42C430A1.Thks.Pls reply to me asap.

  64. Yong says:

    when can my Wave S8500 be upgraded to Bada 2.0 ?

  65. azri zainal says:

    galaxy note baru pakai sebulan sudah hang,automatik off x bleh on..what happen??

  66. neo says:

    my samsung galaxy S2 screen is crack…anyone know how much to fixed it.
    + scratch at front cover – still can be replace?

  67. Lau says:

    i bought your samsung galaxy note from a digi dealer and the speaker spoilt after using it for 5 days! no ringing tone, no incoming call tone, and the phone was lagging and hanged! Sent it back to your centre and said mother board spoilt! Hello i want a brand new phone!! It unfair, i’ve waited for almost a week and i’ve to borrow my friend’s phone for the time being! I should have bought I-Phone instead!!

  68. Nico says:

    I use my samsung S II less than 1mth, but the battery getting hot when I charge my phone or check mail. Hv your service on sunday?

  69. leeds says:

    我的samsung s plus 用了 半年影幕就坏了,有得warranty 吗?直接拿来P J servic center修理 可以吗?请问星期六有服务吗?

  70. najib says:

    baru beli 5 hari samsung galaxy note dah rosak apa citer langsung tak boleh nak on

  71. Maximo says:

    Is the service centre open on sunday?

  72. cheewui says:

    Hi All, I’ve use my Samsung Galaxy W for 3 months ++ Already encounter auto power off for few times. Last week I’ve even restore back to default factory setup and only install with WhatsApp. No other software. This morning it auto power off again. Anybody encounter this problem before???

  73. Anizol says:

    Saya menghadapi masalah kerana Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus tiada simbol untuk capture screen. Masalah disedari selepas membeli Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.Macamana saya hendak dapatkan capture screen. Perlu tak untuk proses install semula. Tq

  74. Selvaraju Kanthasamy says:

    I have Sambung galaxy S2. On 4th April repaired due to programming error. After that fine for one day only. If call it cancels just in a few secone. I feel that even reformat this problem will repeat. So, what is the concrete solution. Is not easy every time come to service centre. We also have work to do. Furthermore I’m working outstation. Please provide best service to avoid turn up repetedly.

  75. nasran mamat says:

    SAMSUNG BD player saya baru je di beli pada 4/12/2011,tapi sekarang dah rosak,macamana saya hendak hantar service?masihkah lagi dalam waranty?apakah apa2 cas tambahan?

  76. Rahmat Bin Mohamed says:

    My printer Samsung SCX-4521F. The photocopy parts and the scanner fomenting.
    There are few lines + – 5 mm thick during photocopy and scanning process. Could you please elucidate the reason occurence of the printer problem. Thank you.

  77. Denry C says:

    sent warranty lo….

  78. Denry C says:

    Can i know PC monita how many years warranty?Because my screen colour defect already.

  79. mizie says:

    my samsung s2 always shut down by it self and hangging .. anyone experiencing the same problem as me. what should I do

  80. Carrie says:

    I am just so dissapointed with Samsung. It is only 2nd months since i bought galaxy W, but i face a lot of problems and the worse is i coudn’t turn on my phone now.
    Previously, i face “Force Close” problem which is very annoying and troblesome. Besides, it also face auto reboot problem.
    I hv to send my phone to repair urgently, please let me knw if i can call ppl to send my phone to your service center to repair instead of i going myself?
    And why all these problems occur on so newly bought hp? What is the main problem?
    I have to get a new hp from you instead of waiting these problems to occur again and again!

  81. Moli says:

    Purchased Samsung SII model GT-I9100G…lost all the information stored in the Memo application when out of sudden the screen turned black. Sent for repair and I was informed that the motherboard need to be replaced. Collected after 4 days, and after a while the sound goes on silent mode by itself. Need to go back to the service centre while it’s still under warranty…but what happen after the warranty expires…

  82. Dr.Anil Sharma` says:


  83. Chris Tan says:

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy W in December 2011 & it’s giving me problems ever since. On daily basis, i have this “Force Close” message which is very, very annoying. Besides, it always Auto Reboot few times daily. Also, even if I keep pressing “Clear Memory” from RAM, there are still arout 10 – 20 apps still running. Can I get phone replacement because I’ve already sent my phone for a software reset at a dealer’s shop in The Gardens, Mid Valley. The problems are getting worse. What shall i do? TQ

  84. TV Smith says:

    When I asked for a quote for my Galaxy S1, it was around RM 600 +

  85. ina says:

    same goes to me….my samsung galaxy S2 screen is crack as well…anyone know how much to fixed it

  86. Lih shiang says:

    My Samsung galaxy note screen is crack due to fall on the floor,may I know how much for fixing it?

  87. JC Tan says:

    I have bought samsung Y about 2 weeks ago. I am very unsure of how does the hotmail work?. Each time as when i wanted to read or reply, every time it does not open my mail and as well as the reply page even though i have clicked on the read or reply. I am not able to use the bluetooth as well. My handsfree set also in faulty. Can the cs teach me how to use it and can i also have my handsfree change at the CS office?

  88. Ian says:

    How long is ur operation hours,what time to what time?

  89. Chew Jing Yi says:

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy W two weeks ago and the external sound system seems to have a lot of issues. Problem occured 3 days after and was went to the factory for a week to fix it. Now, the some problem occurs again two days after I got my phone back. May I know how many time I need to repeat the same procedure of getting the phone fix? I didn’t pay 1k for that.

  90. TV Smith says:

    MMS requires correct setting from telco in your phone. Is your bluetooth enabled in the first place? The BT icon should be visible on the top bar. Of course, if you send it to the Samsung service center, the guys there will gladly show you how.

  91. VINCENT. LIEW says:

    I just bought over a galaxy sumsung s-plus last 7 days ago and found out now cannot send / receive MMS or even cannot bluetooth ?
    phone cannot send / received MMS or even cannot bluetooth ?

  92. aideena says:

    seriously, i tried to call you for whole day, but no one pick up. i tried 3 numbers that customer call center gave me. i have a galaxy tab and the screen crack. i need to know the cost of repair and the time needed for it. please reply ASAP

  93. Florence says:

    Bought Samsung Galaxy SII on 20/10/2011 and noted that the function key is not working well. What should I do? Am I entitle to change the phone?

  94. yingsim says:

    我刚买了samsung s 2 才3个月吧了就有问题了怎么办?

  95. Turugeshwaran s/o kanasan says:

    i try to call Ur customer sevice num from my hp but cannot call.pls email Ur cc num.

  96. SURESH says:


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