Pick Of The Day – Winterthur

Anna and Winterthur

Anna and Winterthur

Pick Of The Day – Winterthur

Random Hotel Pick from a random country or city featured in Mycen Hotels – https://www.mycen.my/

Today, is a hotel from the Winterthur, Switerland.

Featured hotel: Hotel Banana City

Book and view here:


Social media friends, hands up if are also from here or originally from Winterthur.

I know lovely Anna L. Ettlin (@anleet on IG) who resides in the city that is in the canton of Zürich in northern Switzerland, It brought back some vague memories for me as I visited the city a long time ago in winter. Everything was white. Winthertur has many cultural and art attractions such as museums.

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Pic of Banana City Hotel by booking dot com and Anna from her FB.

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