Thursday Night Markets – List of Pasar Malam in KL / PJ

Where are the Night Markets in KL/PJ on Thursday? Map, list and directions to all locations. Di mana pasar malam sekitar Lembah Klang pada Hari Khamis? Peta, senarai dan panduan ke semua lokasi…

MyCen Map of Thursday Pasar Malam (Night Markets) in and around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

MyCen Map of Thursday Pasar Malam (Night Markets) in and around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

Info: MyCen presents an exclusive map mashup of over 100 top pasar malam locations around KL, PJ, the Klang Valley and Selangor. Selling almost everything from food to fashion, many of the weekly bazaars featured in this growing list are located around housing estates and suburbs. We visited each and every pasar malam listed here to confirm its exact location and schedule.

Kawasan Peta/Map Areas:

Lists: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

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MyCen Map / Peta:

Shown On This Map:

Thursday Pasar Malam / Night Market: In no particular order. Click on links.

1) OUG Pasar Malam

2) Chow Yang Pasar Malam

3) Plaza Mont’Kiara Fiesta Nite

4) Taman Sri Rampai Pasar Malam

5) Taman Melawati Pasar Malam

We welcome suggestions for places to include. Every new pasar malam venue or site (tapak) will be verified with visits in person before listing.

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