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What is this site all about?
Mycen Hotels is an official affiliate partner of and Booking,com.

Why is it called MyCen?
It was a domain I registered in 1999 for my search portal and directory Malaysia Central and thus My Cen.

What is an affiliate?
A legit affiliate is like an agent or reseller that earns a small commission for pointing users to certain products or services. On the web, affiliate  marketing has been around since the beginning of the web in the 1990s. Many big companies such as B&H camera shop and Ebay use it,

Will it make it more expensive?
No. The hotels pay the middle men or an introducer a commission and a tiny percentage is paid to affiliates. We try to find you the lowest price or to deals when available. Many affiliates may be silent earners such as search engines or reviewers or newspapers.

Is it working out?
So far, we have hundreds of successful bookings.

Are the testimonials real?
Definitely. Testimonials are by real customers who booked with us regularly.

Why do you have two partners?

a, For redundancy reasons. When one is down, another option is still available.

b. Some people like to shop around or to compare prices.

c, Some bookers have existing accounts or log in credentials and preferences. It save them time.

d. Another partner increases the property inventory significantly.

e. Not all hotels are signed with either or both, though.

What about privacy?
I do not know your identity unless voluntarily given, I only know the name of hotel and dates booked via reports.

What about security?
Each transaction and payment is done at a secured payment page at the providers, I do not now any credit card details. When you book a room, and to make a paymemt, you are switched to a htpps secure page maintained by our established partners.

What about support?
For Agoda, contact Agoda’s Customer Service Team by email or phone You will need your Agoda Booking ID, which can be found on your confirmation voucher, and the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make your booking.

Go to or under Manage my Booking when you are logged in.

For contact The Customer Service Center. Go to

There is a FAQ there on issues pertaining to payment, credit cards, cancellation charges, changes and special requests such as extra beds or about arriving late.

Thirdly, you can try contacting me by e-mail at and I will try to help or at least I am made aware of potential issues.

Do I need to inform you of a booking,  if i am a friend?
It is non obligatory but would be nice. I can look out for your travel pics and encourage you to share them so I can write a feature or review of the destination.

What if the search boxes or panels don’t function as it should?
Due to the vagaries of the web, Anything can happen. Can be momentary server issues or compatibility of devices and platforms.That is why we provide two manual links to the principal and basic search pages of each partner, You can find the links on the side bar or at the landing page when on a desktop.

Why are prices not shown sometimes?
It can also be because of the booking dates selected. Try changing the dates and see.

How can I ensure you earn your deserving commission?  
There are special IDs in links provided by me. The affiliate IDs tracked my recommendation and attribute my fair share of commissions. Always click or search from my sites or click on links provided by me.

Is there more I should know?
This is a living, growing FAQ and I will update it as we go along. Thank you for your support and have a safe trip.

How do I get updates?
Follow and like our Facebook Page <>

Is the site and booking available 24/7?
Always. Unless there are server or connection issues, it is available 24/7/365.

Can I book from anywhere to anywhere in the world?
Generally yes, Sometimes, some nations may be affected by economic sanctions in place.

Terrence V Smith, affliate partner.

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