D’Olive Hotel

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Address: A-8-G, Merdeka Place, Jalan Merdeka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Alamat Poskod: 68000 Ampang
Tel: +603 4280 5213, Fax: +603 4280 5313
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.365 E101 45.854

D' Olive Hotel

D’ Olive Hotel, Ampang

Info: This new 35-room budget hotel is in a off-the-beaten-track location. Its proximity to the Nine Emperor Gods Temple will earn it business from the many pilgrims, though. The hotel is located in a new little business park known as Merdeka Place, right opposite the Merdeka Villa Apartment. The road used to be a narrow street in Ampang New Village. Now,  it is a busy shortcut or ‘back-way’ to Cheras.

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Nearby Hotels: KK Inn Hotel, De Palma Hotel Ampang
Nearest Police Station:
Balai Polis Ampang, Tel: 03 4252 2222
Nearest Train Station: Ampang LRT Station (Star)
Public Transport / Bus Number:

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