Hotels In The News Part 1

Gran Hotel Miramar GL, Malaga, Spain

Gran Hotel Miramar GL, Malaga, Spain

*pic by agoda

Hotels In The News Part 1

Hotels In The News is an archive of hotels featured or cited in news posted to MyCen Hotels Facebook Page at

Here you can find a booking link to the hotels mentioned. Clicking on the booking link will get you the latest room tariff and pictures of the hotel’s exterior/interior and street address. Keep in mind, some news links may expire over time.

Gran Hotel Miramar GL, Malaga, Spain (booking link)
Barça resting in the hotel where Jesús Gil was judged.

Hotel Football Old Trafford (booking link)
Gary Neville hires notorious Manchester United hooligan and ex-con to work as security at hotel he co-owns with Ryan Giggs.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa (booking link)
Desaru coast — a hidden gem.

The Whitby Hotel New York NY (booking link)
Inside the Whitby Hotel: Crosby Street’s Sophisticated Older Sister.

Hotel Indigo – Los Angeles Downtown (booking link)
Hotel Indigo Opens in DTLA

Not a hotel specific story (no booking link)
Quick and Simple Hotel Workout

Mimi’s Hotel Soho London (booking link)
Mimi’s, Soho, London: hotel review.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat (booking link)
Real-life Willy Wonkas: how Hotel Chocolat turns bean into bar from a paradise HQ in St Lucia.

Nice Hotel, New Plymouth, New Zealand (booking link)
New Plymouth hotel named ‘most elegant’ by international travel guide – Nice.–nice

Formerly The Vidella Hotel Blackpool (booking link)
Family holiday goes sour at rebranded ‘Viagra Hotel’

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