M.A.E.P.S. – Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang

Where is MAEPS? Map and directions to the location with picture. Di mana M.A.E.P.S.? Peta dan panduan ke lokasi dengan gambar…

Address: 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Alamat Poskod:
43400 Serdang
Tel: +603 8948 4699, Fax: +603 8948 4985
Website: http://www.maeps.com.my/
GPS Coordinates:
N2 58.909 E101 41.891


Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang – MAEPS

Info: The green acres of MARDI is now also a giant exposition venue. Located off the SILK / SKVE Highway near Kajang,  MAEPS has two separate entrances. Entrance 1 is via the Hospital Serdang exit and Entrance 2 is via an underpass on the road leading to SKVE.

Most of the trade fairs and exhibitions are held at Hall A & Hall C. Hall B & Hall D are being used by the new Perdana University. A new hall is being erected in front of the MAEPS office.

Parking bays are abundant but can still run short during a major show. Shutter buses and prams service the pick-up points located throughout this huge agriculture park.

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MyCen Map / Peta:

Nearby Hotels: Palm Garden Hotel, Marriott Putrajaya, Uniten Residence Hotel
Nearest Police Station: Balai Polis Kajang, Tel: 03 8736 2222
Nearest Train Station: Putrajaya Sentral Station, KTM Serdang Station
Public Transport / Bus Number:

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