Review Of A Malaysian Love Hotel

Japanese love hotels are well known for their water beds, vibrating beds and mirrors on ceilings. If you are into it, you can find one locally. Before you get your hopes up, you may want to know it is in Danga Bay, JB. It is few doors from Tune Hotel JB, where I was staying earlier.

Zoom In Boutque Hotel Johor Bahru

Zoom In Boutque Hotel Johor Bahru

I was fortunate to chance upon the Malaysian version of a love hotel when Tune was fully booked after I came back from Pontian. To my surprise, the toilet and shower cubicles had doors made entirely of transparent and half height frosted but translucent glass. One glass  shower cubicle didn’t even have doors. Many hipster hotels are installing glass bathroom doors these days. Not so good for straight guys sharing a room with a hairy male colleague. Haha. There is a (somewhat mini) rain shower which I love and there is a standalone bowl type hipster wash basin that I hate.

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Anyway, this room had true all-glass partitions and you will discover how your girlfriend,  who is the “save the planet NGO type”, likes wasting a container of toilet paper just to wipe after ever drop of pee on the porcelain throne.

Amazing what transparency can reveal. At this hotel, lie back on the very soft bed and zoom in on your girlfriend as she poops, pees and showers. So make sure your partner is sufficiency kinky or uninhibited. It is the voyeuristic twist that is supposed to be the erotic draw here, I guess. Depends on the individual or the mood, of course.

There is no adult channel on the room TV nor is there hantai tentacle sex wallpaper. Although, the hotel is possibly Ah Beng owned, the wallpaper design was chic and tasteful. After all, the boutique hotel moniker is much abused these days. Unlike Japanese sex motels. there is no discreet checking in or out here. The receptionists were as annoyingly loud as greeters in a TGIF restaurant. Requests for S&M gear and they’ll probably hand you an electric iron or an electric heater coil stick for boiling water. LOL.

I asked my then girlfriend if I can tag her while writing this and she said “no way” since her mother reads her Fb, it seems. The other day I was writing about another girl’s fondness for meat and she told me her Dad was very upset after reading what I wrote. Problem is; many dads think their daughters are as chaste as Susan Boyle when she’s more like Linda Lovelace from his youth. For goodness’ sake, if one of your parents reads your wall, please enable Timeline Review.

Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel (Booking Link)
Address: Unit 7, 8 & 9, Block 7, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, Danga Bay,
80200, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +607-237 9323,  Fax : +607-236 8323
GPS: Coordinates: 1.483464, 103.718168


Some things may have changed as I stayed here during circa 2011..

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