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My long time friend Dato’ Sri Andrew Abishegam, who was in London recently, sent these pictures when I was chatting with him on What’sApp the other day. The first is Harrod’s of London with multiple contrails in the sky. Lovely pics and the first two pics are copyright DS Andrew Abishegam.

Harrods Of London

Harrods Of London

Queen's Windsor Castle

Queen’s Windsor Castle

I Was A Pigeon Whisperer In Younger Days

I Was A Pigeon Whisperer In My Younger Days

The second picture is the Queen’s Windsor Castle, I am guessing. I have not been to London for so long, l don’t know where all the Malaysians like to stay these days. I cant even remember the names of some of the nice hotels I stayed. I will add direct links to some of some of the hotels popular with Malaysian visitors when I find out.

Third pic is of me as a pigeon whisperer in my younger days.

Meanwhile, use the dynamic London-centric scrolling banner below or go here ( to search for another hotel anywhere in the world.

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